Getting Started

Getting Started - Opening APMS for the first time

Launch the application and log in to APMS

To create an account, first visit

Log in with your username and password.

Launch the application and log in to APMS

First you see the project manager

Here you can create new projects (1),

or open an existing one (2).

You can also upgrade your projects and activate the Cashflow and Cost Control modules from this screen (3). Note that only Budgeting and Financing modules are available before you upgrade a project.

First you see the Project manager

Project Main Screen

Let's get started with a simple overview of the APMS interface.

Projects always open in the Budgeting module. You can switch to other modules at the top of screen (1). If you have a free or financing license you will only see Budgeting & Financing. If you have a PRO credit activated for the project you will also see Cashflow and CostControl.

The APMS window is separated into 3 main areas:

- The Navigation Area (2) shows all available elements the selected module. For example, in APMS, one project can have several budgets.

- The Edit Area (3) will be your main workspace. Here you enter and edit account data.

- The Macro Area (4) allows to add and edit detail information to the selected items of the edit area.

The Toolbar (5) and the Administration tab (6) provide all project related functions.

Project Main Screen

Toolbar & Administration

In Settings (1), all relevant project data is edited. Note that the settings are individual for every budget you create.

The other buttons in the toolbar represent the basic functions and are pretty much self-explanatory:

To close a project and get back to the Project Manager, hit (3).

You can always save (2) and sync to the APMS servers (5) manually.

To log out completely, e.g. to change the current user, you can press (8).

To change project sharing settings and user rights, go to the Admin area (9).

Of course, there's also the possibility to print (4) as well as a search function (10).

Also you can import (6) and export (7) data...

Toolbar & Administration