Privacy Policy


KOSMA is designed to provide a high level of privacy to its users. While your private and shared content is encrypted such that not even Headstart Media AG ("Headstart Media") can access it, there is a limited amount of information that is visible to Headstart Media and that Headstart Media might collect for well-defined purposes. This privacy policy specifies this information and these purposes.

Headstart Media abides by the legal framework on data protection. Headstart Media undertakes all common and reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. None of the personal data Headstart Media collects will be forwarded to third parties, unless

- you have agreed the data to be circulated according to the relevant paragraphs of this policy, or

- Headstart Media believes to be required to do so by law or to respond to a court order, search warrant etc.
By accepting the Terms of Use (published on the Website), you agree that Headstart Media and its affiliates can collect, record, and process data according to this Privacy Policy. You agree that Headstart Media and its affiliates can process, use and publish the data collected for marketing purposes. You further agree that Headstart Media and its affiliates can share the data collected with any third party involved in providing services insofar as such is necessary to provide the services under the KOSMA Terms of Use. Furthermore, Headstart Media may share collected data with Headstart Media S.A. as specified in the relevant sections. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and is subject to the KOSMA Terms of Use. Your use of the Service and any personal information you provide on the Service remains subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the KOSMA Terms of Use. In case you have any inquiries or complaints, you may contact Headstart Media at or Headstart Media GmbH, 6263-Stansstad, Switzerland.

1. Personal Information
Headstart Media collects contact details (e.g. your email address), other personal information you enter during the account creation process, as well as data related to your online storage ("personal data"). Your password and your password recovery phrase will never be sent to Headstart Media or any third party.

2. Stored Content
KOSMA encrypts all your files before they leave your computer. They are encrypted such that only you and those you have invited can decrypt them. Even Headstart Media cannot decrypt them unless you have made them public or share them by secret weblink and access them with your web browser. In the latter case, the encryption key is temporarily sent to our web server as part of the URL for the purpose of serving the requested data.

3. Monitoring / Logging
Headstart Media collects a wide range of statistical information for the purposes of monitoring, debugging and improving KOSMA. This includes automatically generated problem, performance, network analysis and general usage reports, as well as logs of the connections and queries made to Headstart Media's servers (including the involved IP addresses), as well as analytical data about the usage of the KOSMA website.. However, none of this data contains information from your private or shared files. This statistical information may be made available to Headstart Media for reporting purposes.

4. Website
When you visit or download anything from the KOSMA website, your activities on the KOSMA website are logged (including your IP address). Headstart Media might make use of "cookies" in order to improve the KOSMA website and service. You are free to decline these cookies if your browser permits, but doing so may interfere with your use of the KOSMA website and service.

5. User Communications
Headstart Media might archive mail, email, data entered into web forms and any other communication you send to Headstart Media for the purpose of processing and answering your requests and improving Headstart Media's services.

6. Disclosure to third parties
Basically, your data is not transmitted to third parties. However, Headstart Media may release personal data if the law requires it to do so or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with any laws or respond to a court order, subpoena, or search warrant or to protect Headstart Media's rights and interests. Furthermore, you expressly agree that Headstart Media can disclose personal data to identified third parties (e.g. owners of intellectual property rights) and/or government enforcement bodies in order to enforce the General terms and conditions, particularly in case of founded indications that the laws or the rights of a user or of third parties, particularly copyrights, other industrial property rights or personal rights, have been violated , insofar as such is necessary.

7. Changes to this Policy
Please note that this Privacy Policy may change anytime. Your privacy will not be reduced without your consent. Your continued use of KOSMA constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any amendments.