Create tags, assign them to budget accounts and use them for calculations


Attribute regional effects to your budget accounts and keep track of them


Assign taxes to budget accounts as they are relevant for your cashflow

Fringes & Extra Costs

Set up fringes and extra costs centrally and control them for each account individually


Build most flexible and accurate budgets based on a template or your own structure


Set up variables and use them in formulas to control your budget


Attach documents such as contracts or quotes to your budget accounts


Create financing plans to match your budget. Cross-reference financing and budget accounts


APMS Cashflow

Display your and your co-producer's cash flow clearly. Easily identify underfunded time periods and possible cash transfers.

Cost control

Keep track of the cost of your production with a brand new cost control tool with estimates and actuals

Share data

Invite partners to your project and define what they are allowed to do


Save your data on a secure server

Cost reports

Create most accurate and up-to-date cost reports at a click

Accounting data import

Import data from any accounting software through an Excel interface


Create budget schemes to regroup your budget according to your partners needs

Customizable prints

Choose only the information you need and create perfect prints